Experience of use Hondrox

Experience of using Igor from Vilnius

Hondrox Spray Review (Igor)

Hondrox Spray I bought for nothing especially hoping. For 5 years he constantly suffered from recurrent knee joint bursitis and decided that he could take a chance and try a natural remedy.

Where did you buy Hondrox?

On the official website of the manufacturer. It was important to me to get a genuine spray, so that it would definitely have an effect. I picked up the spray at the post office and paid for the order there.

Experience in the use of spray Hondrox (Igor)

App Features

How to use the spray is described in detail in the instructions. I applied the drug in the morning and at night. Massage the knee until the liquid is completely absorbed. Immediately after application, the skin is pleasantly cool, apparently this is due to the essential oils that are part of Hondrox.

The swelling started to subside after 2 weeks of regular use of the spray. When applying the amount, the drug did not skimp. If it absorbed too quickly or the skin stayed dry, it was sprayed again. After completing the course, 3 weeks have passed and the bursitis still doesn't bother me. In the future, I plan to reuse the spray to prevent joint inflammation.

I hope my review of the medication will help someone with similar joint problems.